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We’ve upgraded our tracking accuracy to keep you, and those you care about, even safer.

Lost phone?

As a Device Tracker Plus member, if you lose your phone you can locate it, chop chop. Plus we can also SMS and call any phone for 60 days to give you the best chance of getting it back.

No more worries

Track your family member’s phones in real time to make sure they stay safe and are where they should b

Tracking made easy

Our three-step sign up system is user-friendly and super quick. There is no more need to hassle SAPS when your loved ones go off the radar or you misplace your device – just click the Start Tracking Now button to find out exactly where they are

Keep Ahead of Crime

Driving alone at night? Ask a family member to track your device to ensure that you reach your destination safe and sound. Or, if you suspect that a loved one has been involved in a mugging, hijacking or violent crime, track their device right away to find out where they are.


Getting started with Device Tracker Plus is really quick and easy.

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Over 1m customers
Over 2m devices tracked
Over 5 billion locations recorded

Read what our happy customers have to say about Device Tracker Plus.

"Delivers on its promises"
Alex, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Device Tracker Plus is really easy to use. I have my wife and my kids' phones registered so I can always see where they are. It helps me relax, knowing they're where they should be.
“Essential for anyone”
Sibongile, Durban, South Africa
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I’ll admit I’m a worrier and I do really worry about my kids. Device Tracker helps me feel more relaxed when they’re out and about. I can’t keep them in all the time. This helps me let go a bit.
Sets my mind at ease
Joseph, East London, South Africa
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Apparently over 100,000 kids are reported missing every year. I don’t want to know how that feels! So I track my whole family with Device Tracker Plus. The tracking is easy and accurate and it gives me complete peace of mind.
Makes my life easier
Lindiwe, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Using the app I can quickly check and see where everyone is. So I don’t need to find out where they are, I can just check the app. It makes my life a hell of a lot easier!
The perfect solution
Mark, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Great app, works well. Installed on my phone and my tablet and it managed to locate both easily. I will be installing on my elderly father's mobile too, in order to see that he is safe at home.
“Keeps me calm”
Ayla, Pretoria, South Africa
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I track my whole family with Device Tracker Plus. The tracking is easy and accurate and the cost seems cheap for the peace of mind it gives me.

Cutting edge features that deliver complete peace of mind:

Accurately track 5 phones in
real time

Location history, with journeys taken displayed on a map

If one of the devices get lost, locate it again in seconds

Get alerts when phone arrive at, or leave, save places