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Protect Your Family

With Device Tracker Plus, you can keep your whole family safe. You can keep track of your children’s devices, know their whereabouts, and be instantly alerted in case of any emergency. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are always within reach. 

Trusted Worldwide

Device Tracker Plus is a globally recognized brand known in the mobile tracking sector. Join thousands of users who trust our tracking services to keep their devices and loved ones safe around the world. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive a world-class tracking experience. 

Secure Your Device

As a Device Tracker Plus member, you never have to worry about your phone getting lost or stolen again. If your phone does get lost, just log into your account from another device and our cutting-edge tracking technology will allow you to locate your devices in real time, increasing the chances of recovery.  

Advanced Technology

At Device Tracker Plus, we understand the importance of keeping your family safe. Our advanced tracking technology offers you peace of mind by keeping an eye on your loved ones and protecting valuable possessions from theft and loss. 


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Read what our happy customers have to say about Device Tracker Plus.

I know my daughter is safe!
Ngozi, Port Harcourt
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My favourite thing about DTP is the panic button; gives me a sense that my daughter can call for help whenever she needs it. I mean I never have to worry if she’s safe or not.
Saved a lot of stress!
Bidemi, Lagos
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My girls and I went to Dubai recently and needed to split up. We didn’t have to worry about each other’s location or how to regroup. We could easily keep each other safe while we were apart. It saved us a lot of stress on that trip, trust me!
No worries!
Kabir, Abuja
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Great app, I like how it works well on my iPhone and Android. I can keep track on both devices in one app. As someone who works hard and plays hard, I don’t have to worry about losing my phone on nights out.

Cutting edge features that deliver complete peace of mind:

Accurately track 5 phones in
real time

Location history, with journeys taken displayed on a map

If one of the devices gets lost, locate it again in seconds

Get alerts on arrival and departure.
You can also save places.