You may not have known this…

Some popular question we answer. How do I track? To track a device using Device Tracker Plus, you must have the app fully installed on the device you wish to locate, and your device must have a data plan or access to WIFI.   When the app is installed on a device, Device Tracker Plus […]

Device Tracker Plus Messeges

Sometimes you can receive messages from Device Tracker Plus. Here we explain some of these cases. I’ve received a message to install the app If you’ve received a message asking you to join someone’s Device Tracker Plus group, the chances are you’ve received a message from someone you know, who wants to add you to […]

How it works

Three steps… If you think Device Tracker Plus sounds great but you’re still wondering how it works let us explain with these 3 easy steps… Click to purchase Download the app to the device you’d like to track and sign in. Apple store: Device Tracker Plus app for Apple users Google Play Store: Device Tracker Plus app […]

Why choose Device Tracker Plus?

At Device Tracker Plus, not only do we offer the ability to protect your devices but more importantly we offer an essential tool to keep your loved ones safe in an ever-changing world. Our simple to install app can be installed on all the families’ devices whether they’re on Android or iOS, so if the […]

First Steps With Device Tracker Plus

Hi, we’re Device Tracker Plus! What is Device Tracker Plus? We provide a safety app for parents and individuals who want to track the mobile devices of their children and loved ones, to ensure they’re safe. While this was our original vision for our service, Device Tracker Plus is now used in various other ways […]