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How do I track?

To track a device using Device Tracker Plus, you must have the app fully installed on the device you wish to locate, and your device must have a data plan or access to WIFI.


When the app is installed on a device, Device Tracker Plus will switch on the devices GPS at regular intervals and grab the location. These locations will then be listed in the location history section. The map will show the current location of the device. Remember if your device does not have access to WIFI or data, the Locate Now feature will show the location of the device when it last had access to WIFI or data.


Please be aware that Device Tracker Plus is not able to track through phone number, SMS or by the devices IMEI number. 

Can I find my lost phone?


If a family member has lost their mobile, and the app was fully installed on the device before it was lost, simply select the family member from the list on the home page in the app.


Unfortunately, you will not be able to track a family member if you did not download the app to the family members device and sign in before the device was lost.

How long does it take to show location after installing?

Device Tracker Plus will begin recording a location once the app has been downloaded to your device and installed successfully. You should be able to see the location of the device instantly, but it can take up to 5 minutes before you’re able to see the locations.


Please be aware that it is not possible for Device Tracker Plus to report locations before the app was installed. 

What if the device is off or dead?

Device Tracker Plus allows you to see the location of any smart device, that has been added to your family group. You will be able to see the current and past locations for that device.


Device Tracker Plus does not allow you to see other phone activity such as call or message history for that device and does not allow you to access other apps on the device such as Facebook or Twitter.

How does Device Tracker Plus affect battery life?

Unlike other tracking apps, Device Tracker Plus momentarily switches on GPS, grabs your location, then switches GPS off again. This way your GPS is not constantly running in the background and will not drain your battery life. You’ll barely notice the difference.

What information do you hold on me?

At Device Tracker Plus we feel it is our responsibility to handle our customer data discreetly and responsibly and make you aware of the information we hold and how it is handled by outlining it clearly in our privacy policy. This information is available before and after purchase and we recommend you downloading a copy of this for your records.

If you would like full details of any personal information that we hold on you have the right to get a copy of this information, this is known as a subject access request.

Should you wish to make a subject access request (SAR) please email us stating that you wish to make a request. We will then email you our SAR form within 48 hours of you informing us of your request. On receipt of the form we will email you to let you know the request has been received. From this date we will respond to you with the requested information for more than 40 days from the date of the receipt in accordance with the ICO’s regulations If you require any assistance with the form or and additional help you can contact us HERE at any time.

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