Why choose Device Tracker Plus?

At Device Tracker Plus, we offer the ability to protect your devices and, more importantly, an essential tool to keep your loved ones safe in an ever-changing world. Our simple-to-install app can be installed on all the families’ devices whether they’re on Android or iOS, so if the kids are out playing or you need to make sure a relative is safe, Device Tracker Plus allows you to see their location, anytime, anywhere.

Take a look at the list below to see some other great benefits of Device Tracker Plus or if you’re ready to get started just click CLICK HERE

Simple to Use 

Easy to set up and use on all your mobile phones and tablets.

View current location 

View the exact current location of your device whenever you want.

View location history

30 days of location history.

Worldwide coverage

Device Tracker Plus works on over 96% of phones and tablets all over the world.

Location timeline

View your device’s exact route and any locations where it stopped.

Family monitoring

Follow the location of all your family’s devices from your app.

Accurate locations

A combination of GPS and cell-ID provide the fastest and most accurate locations.

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