How Device Tracker Plus works

Three steps...

If you think Device Tracker Plus sounds great but you’re still wondering how it works let us explain with these 3 easy steps…
  • Click to purchase
  • Download the app to the device you’d like to track and sign in.
  • You can share your family code with your members once you’ve signed in. These are the people you’d like in your group and the people you would like to share your location with. They will also need to download the app to their device and log in using the code you have sent them.
You will be able to track and view the location of your device and your group once you have created your account, downloaded the app, and shared your code with your group.

Can I track anonymously?

At Device Tracker Plus our primary concern is to provide a service to assist subscribers who want to keep their loved one safe, by providing the ability to locate them.

This service should never be misused in an attempt to track anonymously or without the device user’s knowledge.

For our service to work, the app will need to be added to the device you wish to track, for this to occur you will need the full consent of the device owner. Once installed the app icon will be visible on the device.

Please be aware that our service should never be used to track a device without the consent of the device owner, as this is against our policy as stated in our Terms of Service that you will need to agree to prior joining the Device Tracker Plus service.

If you are tracking someone who hasn’t consented, please make us aware so we can cancel your account.

Location Accuracy

Device Tracker Plus is governed by the settings that you have set up on your device, the app works via GPS and location services; so, as long as you accept full permissions during set-up, your device has constant access to the internet and the locations settings are set to high we would expect the following results:

iOS and Android devices will track within a 10m parameter.

Occasionally, you will find location pins in areas that you have not been. Please do not worry, this is not a fault; basically when your device switches WiFi signals or from WiFi to mobile data your device will ping the transmitters to triangulate your exact location, from time-to-time this can result in a pin appearing in a location that you have not visited.

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