Keep those you care about safe with the world's #1 mobile tracking app.

Over 1m customers worldwide.

We've upgraded our tracking accuracy to keep you, and those you care about, even safer in the global pandemic.

Worried Parents

Track your whole family’s phones in real time to make sure they are where they should be, and aren’t mixing with who they shouldn’t. So you can stay Covid-safe.

Concerned Adults

Track your wife’s, husband’s, boyfriend’s, girlfriend’s or grown up children’s phone so you always know they’re safe. Perfect for lockdown when you might be apart.

Lost Phone

As a Device Tracker Plus member, if you lose your phone, you can locate it instantly. Just log into your account from another device and hit Locate.

Anxious Carers

Track your elderly, vulnerable parents’ phones for that extra peace of mind. Are they out where they should be? It’s more important than ever right now.

How it works

Getting started with Device Tracker Plus is really quick and easy.

01. Create account

02. Register a device

03. Start tracking

Over 1m customers

Over 2m devices tracked

Over 5 billion locations recorded

Read what our happy customers have to say about Device Tracker Plus.

"Does what it says on the tin"

Device Tracker Plus is really easy to use. I have my wife and my kids’ mobiles registered so I can always see where they are. It helps me relax, knowing they’re where they should be.

Paul, London

"Sets my mind at ease"

Apparently so many kids go missing every year. I don’t want to know how that feels! So I track my whole family with Device Tracker Plus. The tracking is easy and accurate and the cost seems cheap for the peace of mind it gives me.
Gavin, Cardiff

"Essential for anyone who worries"

I’ll admit I’m a worrier and I do really worry about my kids. Device Tracker helps me feel more relaxed when they’re out and about. I can’t keep them in all the time. This helps me let go a bit.

Heather, Edinburgh

"Makes my life easier"

Using the app I can quickly check and see where everyone is. So I don’t need to find out where they are, I can just check the app. It makes my life a hell of a lot easier!

Olivia, Birmingham

Device Tracker Plus comes with a range
of great features that deliver complete
peace of mind:

Track the location of any
registered device – child’s,
husband’s, wife’s – so you’ll
always know where they are
and if they’re safe.
See a full location and route
history plotted on a map
including stop offs and
timings. They’ll never be able
to deny where they’ve been
As a Device Tracker user, if
you lose your phone, you’ll be
able to track it instantly. Just
access your account on a
different device and hit
‘Locate now’.
Installs onto existing mobile
devices. So there’s no need
to buy additional tracking
hardware – or make anyone
carry it.
Works globally, so if your
bigger kids are off round the
world, you can track their
progress and know exactly
where they are if they get
into trouble.
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